Elevate everyday data management.

Stae is a cloud-based data management solution built for governments to fully own their data: from ensuring compliance to driving innovation. Here's a snapshot of our products.

Data Warehouse

Improve your workflows and performance.

Standardize and share data across departments and vendors.

  • Access 40+ preloaded city data schemas with the option to create and customize your own.
  • Import data from various sources including file uploads, dynamic APIs, and ETL processes.
  • Support multiple file formats including SHP, JSON, and CSV.

Create custom dashboards and data cards to track insights and visualize data quickly.

  • View any spatial data as heatmaps or time-series graphs, and quickly share map views as URLs with your team.
  • Access dozens of pre-existing visualizations for common data types such as shared vehicles, 311 issues, and traffic.

Set digital regulations with customized notifications and alerts.

  • Draw geographic boundaries and track when data sources intersect.
  • Track data as it changes in real-time with automated alerts to enforce compliance and fines.
  • Import data via API from vendors to monitor performance in real-time.

Export to popular tools, publish open data, and create custom APIs.

  • Export data to several common platforms such as Power BI, Tableau, and Carto.
  • Integrate any data into other systems and workflows via a Push API.
  • Add and set access permissions for co-workers and external partners to collaborate.

Open Data Portal

Get all the features of the Data Warehouse, plus a public data portal for citizens and developers to query, map, share, and build with open, civic data.

Publish your open data in an intuitive, standardized format that anyone can access and build with.

  • Comply with open data standards.
  • Offer a community hub where anyone can query, map, and download open data.
  • Provide a developer-friendly portal with standardized data sets.
  • Track API calls and developer uses of civic data.

Cultivate community and inspire local innovation.

  • Integrate with commonly-used developer platforms.
  • Empower developers to publish their own community data sources.
  • Enable developers to enrich their apps with open data.

Mobility Data Manager

Get all the features of the Data Warehouse, plus set up custom alerts to track services and vendors.

Monitor newly-permitted dockless vehicle programs, using real-time data sharing and digital regulation

  • Digitize program requirements (e.g. service boundaries, fleet size monitoring, distribution zones, parking restrictions, hours of operation).
  • Set up digital permitting and fee payment.
  • Automate non-compliance alerts for cities and vendors.
  • Customize a complaints dashboard.

Track the availability, distribution, and use of vehicles by geographic zones and demographics.

  • Customize distribution and rebalancing dashboards.
  • Automate alerts for rebalancing violations.
  • Set up time stamping and alerts to city staff.
  • Create shared data standards to facilitate research partnerships.

Make data-driven infrastructure and design decisions.

  • See real-time data and key insights per intersection and roadway.
  • Get transit mapping functionality (ESRI and ArcGIS integration).
  • Create heatmaps showing frequent transit routes, trip origins, and interactions with other transit modes.