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Make your data as dynamic as your city.

Stae is a universal tool to fully own and activate all city data — bringing unprecedented operational intelligence to the everyday.

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Here are a few ways cities use Stae to optimize their operations.

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Engage People

By connecting directly with live data sources, enable real-time queries such as parking rules, department schedules, and the closest bikeshare station.

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Manage Fleets

Track city fleet assets, optimize maintenance cycles, and enable real-time resource allocation.

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Get AV Ready

Autonomous vehicles and drones can connect directly with your city and be approved to move in designated zones.

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Quick Pay

Collect payments — from parking tickets to permits — in one centralized, digitized system.


We designed Stae to meet the everyday management needs of cities — from city managers to city workers.


Create a bespoke mix of custom and auto-populated data sources — from local bike share usage to national census stats.


Link directly to source data — optimizing the value of time and location-based data streams.


Compare multiple data sets and types — enabling visualization and analysis of otherwise disparate data.


Create shared resources that break down internal barriers to communication and purpose — enabling teams to shift from tedious administration to critical analysis.

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We connect cities to the software stack.

Every Stae city can issue its own APIs — enabling partners and developers to connect to city data and build on it.

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import request from 'superagent'

  .query({ key: 'your personal api key!' })
  .end((err, res) => {
200 OK
  "id": "jers-nj",
  "displayName": "Jersey City",
  "name": "Jersey City, NJ",
  "image": "",
  "createdAt": "2016-08-23T19:26:25.713Z",
  "updatedAt": "2016-08-23T19:26:25.713Z",
  "boundaryId": "USA-3436000"


We integrate with the tools cities use to capture, visualize, and analyze data.


We share stories from the curb to the cloud.

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