Our People

We're a team of technologists, designers and urbanists working on a better future for our cities.

Our Principles


We're better together — collaboration and co-design shape our processes and partnerships.


We'll never make you read a manual — intuition and ease bring efficiency and delight.


We aim to be helpful, not right — beginner's mind and lifelong learning shape our everyday work.


We're people first — love and respect underlie all we do.

Our founders

Stae brings open access to the world's civic data in one place, in real-time, and with uniform APIs — helping the public sector make data workflows work. Over the past three years, we've worked alongside city officials and technologists to build a simple, secure platform that empowers cities to manage data from vendors, integrate data from any sensor, and share data seamlessly over API. Our vision is to unlock new applications and efficiencies in data workflows, supporting better outcomes in essential public services.

Our team has diverse backgrounds in public service and technology. Eric Schoffstall (our co-founder) led a group of 30+ engineers to start the Code for Phoenix Brigade, seeking to build the region's access to and application of civic data. Other team members have led economic development initiatives within city agencies, supported city dockless mobility programs, and built popular open-source data tools.

Our Partners

We're working with the world's leading investors, innovators, and storytellers.